Trevor Justice pulled off a great set & a SINGALONG about being a whole food vegan… With an easy smile, engaging vocals & lively keyboard style, Trevor kept the attitude up & smilin’, & even had the barrista Sean singin’ along at the end.

- Jimi Yamagishi
President of The L.A. Songwriter's Network

His most compelling and aggressive track, the thought provoking “Six Months To Live”... is the kind of song that listeners would request after only hearing it once. It’s a song, a statement, and a question all wrapped into one. In a full display of his songwriting talent, Trevor delivers the Country flavored, “A New Life Life” and the introspective, “Give Thanks (Rusty Ragged Man)” which round out this excellent showcase.

- Gian Fiero
Columnist for The Muse's Muse
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“Trevor writes ands sings with passion and conviction. ‘Who Will Rescue The Earth And Sky’ is an anthem the whole world needs to hear.”

- Steve Seskin
Hit Songwriter

“Trevor’s got an amazingly powerful voice, and an equally powerful message to match it. In songs like ‘Red White and Blue’ and ‘Take A Stand’, his poetry speaks as the megaphone for thousands of progressive people… yet he sings from his own personal experience.”

- Lorraine Ferro
Multi-Platinum Hit Songwriter

“The Earthsave audience applauded long and loudly for Trevor’s music, which was so full of heart and passion. He inspired us to continue to take action for the earth, the animals, and ourselves. Bravo, Trevor!”

- Nancy Loewen
Former President of Earthsave Marin

“Trevor really fired up students at our World Vegetarian Day event. With each chorus of ‘Take A Stand’, more and more students gathered round… and many of us were on the ground laughing when he performed ‘Whole Food Vegan’. One of the most engaging performances we’ve had here all year.”

- Dan Cohen
U.C. Berkeley Animal Rights Coalition

“Trevor Justice is a charismatic performer who rallied our audience with his songs about animals, the environment, and social justice. He has a great knack for inspiring the audience to join in and sing along. A real joy to work with!”

- Donna Perkins
Oberlin College Environmental Action Group

“Unlike many songwriters who only seem to be able to write about themselves, Trevor can step outside himself and write from the heart about people and places; he brings their stories to life for his audience.”

- Steven Andrew Kacsmar
Songsalive! San Francisco Chapter Coordinator
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